The first EVER Haynie & Zinno Power rankings are in!

Here’s what they look like to start the 2012 season.

  1. PACKERS – best QB on best all-around team.
  2. PATRIOTS – they’re the Patriots.
  3. RAVENS – one play away last year.
  4. SAINTS – Drew Brees. That’s all that matters.
  5. GIANTS – Defending champs are better this year than last.
  6. 49ERS – that defense will keep them in every game.
  7. BEARS – up and coming and they got better in off-season.
  8. EAGLES – last year’s nightmare is over.
  9. TEXANS – let’s see them do last year again before I believe.
  10. STEELERS – they are old, but can’t count them out.
  11. FALCONS – one of the most consistent regular season teams.
  12. LIONS – boy, do they look scary. They also look up at the Packers & Bears.
  13. COWBOYS – no one is talking about them in the NFC. That’s a good thing.
  14. CHARGERS – no one is talking about them in the AFC. That’s a good thing.
  15. BRONCOS – which Peyton will we see? We will know in about three weeks.
  16. BENGALS – never made the playoffs two years in a row in the last 20 years.
  17. BILLS – second in the AFC East is theirs for the taking.
  18. PANTHERS – Superman can do anything. So can Cam Newton.
  19. JETS – this could go horribly wrong or incredibly right.
  20. TITANS – Jake Locker could be in for more than he bargained for.
  21. CHIEFS – going .500 in that division could be a playoff team.
  22. SEAHAWKS – could challenge for division title if SF falters.
  23. REDSKINS – Bob Griffin will at least make things exciting in DC.
  24. CARDINALS – Hey John Skelton! Just look for number 11.
  25. RAIDERS – they went 8-8 last year? Need to prove they can be better.
  26. BUCCANEERS – Greg Schiano may have wished he stayed in New Jersey.
  27. DOLPHINS – at least Ryan Tannehill’s wife is hot.
  28. COLTS – Luck will be great for a rookie, but the team will still be pretty bad.
  29. VIKINGS – I still can’t believe AP thinks he is going to play this season!
  30. JAGUARS – I would like to see Blaine Gabbert improve. I may have to wait.
  31. RAMS – Jeff Fisher has a long road ahead.
  32. BROWNS – And you thought it couldn’t get worse in Cleveland.


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