Here are the week 3 Haynie & Zinno Power Rankings. Please feel free to agree and debate!


  1. 49ERS – two convincing wins against two playoff teams from last year.
  2. PACKERS – that was the team we all thought we would see.
  3. TEXANS – beat up on another poor team, but I’m not hating.
  4. RAVENS – a tough loss that should have been a win against a good team.
  5. PATRIOTS – what the??? Not the tune up for the Ravens they wanted.
  6. FALCONS – they look very tough to beat.  Especially at home.
  7. GIANTS – Eli can’t be stopped in the 4th quarter of any game. Ever.
  8. EAGLES – they should be 0-2. They are 2-0 with 9 turnovers. Still not proven.
  9. BEARS – it’s clear if Cutler and the offense struggle, so will the team.
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10. STEELERS – a win like that can restore order in the Steel City.

11. CHARGERS – quietly, they have gotten to 2-0. It’s probably better that way.

12. LIONS – the loss to the Niners isn’t the bad part, it’s the offensive production.

13. COWBOYS – they laid the stinker they couldn’t lay. Back to being ordinary.

14. CARDINALS – all the QB controversy, it doesn’t matter who plays, they win.

15. REDSKINS – Bob Griffin makes this team dangerous to play and fun to watch.

16. JETS – that looked more like the team we saw in the pre-season.

17. PANTHERS – Superman is back. Let’s see them do it two weeks in a row.

18. BENGALS – they looked like a playoff team, but that was against the Browns.

19. BRONCOS – I hope that’s not the Peyton that plays the rest of the season.

20. BILLS – that’s why they were a sexy pick for the playoffs. Now need consistency

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21. SAINTS – they are in panic mode. Guess those coaches do make a difference.

22. SEAHAWKS – teams must hate going to Qwest Field to play a game.

23. BUCCANEERS – even in a loss, they served notice that they aren’t a pushover.

24. RAMS – Jeff Fisher’s impact is clearly being felt in the Gateway City.

25. TITANS – the lack of Jeff Fisher impact is clearly being felt in the Music City.

26. CHIEFS – you’re never really out of it in the AFC West.

27. COLTS – congrats to Andrew Luck on his first NFL win. The first of many.

28. VIKINGS – expect them to lose a lot of games like that.

29. DOLPHINS – Reggie Bush can still be a game changer.

30. JAGUARS – it’s not going to get any easier for this team.

31. RAIDERS – on the bright side, they could be playing in LA next season.

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32. BROWNS – the only consistent part of the HZPR is this team.