BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A baby girl nearly killed by her own mother. The tragic stabbing earlier this year at the Department of Social Services now leads to significant security changes.

Adam May got a first-hand look.

State officials hope the changes will prevent a repeat incident.

Officials say a Baltimore City mother on a supervised visit tried killing her own infant daughter last April. Social workers threw a chair at the out-of-control mother, Kenisha Thomas. Now, months after Thomas allegedly smuggled a knife in her purse, there have been major security changes, including cameras and lockers to check bags. These changes will take effect at Social Services offices across the state.

The Department of Human Resources police chief also reveals new panic buttons installed in private meeting rooms.

“In lieu of calling for help, we have a mechanical means, as well,” said Chief Michael Hoffman. “It’s another method of asking for help.”

Before these changes, metal detectors and security details were already in place.

“We are unfortunately in the position of delivering bad news to people. We also work with people when they undergo difficult, stressful things. We have an obligation to make sure they stay safe, the children stay safe and all of my employees stay safe,” said Molly Tierney.

Tierney is the director of Baltimore City Social Services. She says the little girl whose attack prompted the changes is doing much better.

“I’m happy to say she’s healed from her physical injuries and in a loving home,” Tierney said.

The mother is awaiting trial on numerous charges, including attempted murder and child abuse. Her trial is scheduled for October.

The security upgrades are still being installed in some locations.


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