BALTIMORE (WJZ)— An intense police chase crosses state lines into Maryland and ends with police taking two teenagers into custody.

Mike Hellgren has new video from the scene, and the latest on the investigation.

We’re talking a huge police response, including dozens of squad cars and a police chopper—all during rush hour Wednesday night on I-83 and the Beltway. It ended in a foot chase in Guilford.

Sirens wailed in North Baltimore after a remarkably long police chase — that lasted through two states and more than 80 miles — ended on Charles Street just past Cold Spring Lane.

“This tree is bent.  They took the other tree out, and this was actually on top of the car,” Rob Duckwall described the aftermath in North Baltimore.

The commotion startled Duckwall and his family.

“There are dozens of cops with guns drawn all over the neighborhood,” Duckwall recalled. “The car had run up here and had lodged itself into a tree. We thought from the magnitude of all the police officers involved that something horrendous had happened.”

Police say a 17-year-old they describe as a juvenile delinquent took his dad’s truck. He then picked up a 14-year-old girl they say was a runaway.

The chase started near Harrisburg, Pa., went through Baltimore County along 83 and the Beltway, and then into the city.

Despite the damage, no one suffered serious injuries.

A neighbor shot video of the teen driver being taken into custody.

His mom told another neighbor he’d just gotten out of a work release program, and he was in a relationship with the girl who ran away with him.

The driver’s mother “knocked on the door and asked if she could use the bathroom,” said Liz Trotter, witness. “So she’s in the house, and she’s crying and crying because of what happened. She and the mother of the young girl saw them take off in the truck, so they followed them from Pennsylvania here. A crazy scene.”

Police say the driver hit several cars parked on Northern Parkway and damaged a police cruiser.