BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Frightening moments put Heritage High School in Lake Clifton on lockdown. School officials say one student stabbed another student.

Mike Hellgren spoke to witnesses and students concerned for their safety.

It happened around 10:45 a.m. Monday in a crowded hallway on the way to lunch.

“We were walking to lunch, and everybody just saw blood on the floor,” said Jordan Hayes, student. “How did somebody get in with a knife?  The next thing you know, somebody could bring a gun to school.”

Fellow students say a knife pierced the victim’s stomach.  He was rushed to Johns Hopkins Hospital while school police swarmed the area searching for the student who did it.

They also searched through a trash can at a bus stop nearby on Harford Road.

“He was just holding himself, saying ‘I don’t want to die.  I don’t want to die,’” said Shawntiara Stevenson, student. “It just happened out of the blue.  The boy said he was going to stab him, and he stabbed him.”

Students say there are metal detectors here. Still, many are worried about security.

“We go through them every morning.  They check our bags when they feel like it,” said Tara, student.

“It’s us doing dumb stuff to each other.  We’re hurting each other when we’re supposed to be learning,” said Elijah Porter, student.

The stabbing at Heritage High follows recent high-profile violence on several Maryland campuses, including a student shot on the first day of school in the Perry Hall High School cafeteria, and another student at Stemmers Run Middle School, who brought a gun to class and pointed it at others.

“This is for learning, not fights and stuff like that. That’s violence in Baltimore City Public Schools,” Stevenson said.

Baltimore City Public Schools  issued a statement saying a person of interest is being questioned by police and that the student stabbed is in stable condition.

A school nurse treated the injured student while waiting for an ambulance.

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