When the one game play-in or playoff game was announced at the start of the 2012 season I was in favor of it. My thinking was that if you didn’t want to have your season come to an end because of a single game there was a simple solution..win your division.

However, now that the Orioles have won 93 games against all odds and are playing the Rangers tonight for a chance to face the Yankees on Sunday I have somewhat reversed my position or at least altered it a bit. Having a pitching dilemma like the one that faced Buck seems very unfair.

Baseball is a game decided over a 162 game season that is played in games that are grouped into multiple game series throughout the regular season. So when it matters most why disadvantage a team because of a bad draw in their pitching rotation?

I still believe that the O’s are going to win because the Rangers are not playing good baseball but this system needs another look.