BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The mother of a 13-year-old girl found dead in an East Baltimore alley lashes out. She’s furious that no adults have been charged with trying to cover up her daughter’s murder.

Derek Valcourt spoke in depth with the grieving mother.

Her grief has now turned to anger.

“I miss her so much,” said Edith Turnage, who says she never stops thinking about her daughter, 13-year-old Monae Turnage,who went missing in March.

Family members found her body in a nearby alley buried under some trash bags.

Police revealed two of her younger friends confessed to accidentally shooting her inside a home of one of the boys and trying to hide her body.

The rifle used to shoot her was discovered inside the personal car of off-duty Baltimore police officer John Ward, who knew the boys.

Valcourt: “What do you think of the State’s Attorney’s decision not to file any charges against Officer Ward?”

Turnage: “I think they had enough evidence to charge him. To me it was just like he did the murder himself because the cover up, finding the rifle in his car.”

Valcourt: “Do you think these boys had help?”

Turnage: “We found out it was a whole house full of people in that house that day. She wore 170 pounds. Those boys could not have carried that body by themselves. And then the grownups was the ones who gave them advice. They had to give them advice because the kids was too quiet. So they had to give them advice. The grownups was behind it.”

Valcourt: “No adults have been in any way charged in connection with this case.”

Turnage: “No adults have been charged. You are right about that. And I think it’s so unfair.”

But the two boys who confessed to the shooting have been charged in Baltimore’s juvenile court system.

Valcourt: “What do you think of the punishment that those two boys got?”

Turnage: “Any time you send one to a facility for a year and the other one with their family for a year, and if nothing happens after a year they are free to go. It was not a charge. They was smacked on the wrist.”

Valcourt: “It’s been seven months? Do you know what happened to your daughter that night?”

Turnage: “No. We only could go by what the police said, I mean the detective said, what the boys told them. So actually no, I don’t know what happened to my child. I wish I knew. I actually wish I knew what happened to her.”

Edith Turnage is hoping she can get some answers when her attorney files a civil lawsuit in the case within the next few days.

Baltimore police say their internal affairs investigation is now ongoing and may result in disciplinary action against Officer Ward.