BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With two weeks to go until Election Day, supporters of Maryland’s expanded gambling bill are getting some high-profile help. In an ad to be released Tuesday, a Ravens legend urges voters to pass the expansion–or else!

Kai Jackson has more on the ad and the issue.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and supporters get big help to promote Question 7–and we mean really big help.

The stakes are high and ads for and against Question 7 seem non-stop. It would expand gambling to table games and increase the number of slot machines.

“You don’t wanna upset Jonathan Ogden. No, you don’t!” said a new ad.

Former Ravens offensive lineman Jonathan Ogden gets behind the mayor on Question 7. At 6’9″, he towers over Rawlings-Blake. But when it comes to the issue of expanded gambling, for these two, the playing field is level.

The opposition to Question 7 is waging its own battle on the airwaves.

“Check the facts for yourself. Vote no on Question 7,” an opposing ad says.

Critics question whether money collected in casino taxes would be used to help education–or the average Marylander, for that matter.

“If you read the law, you’ll see that there’s no new money going to schools as a result of Question 7. It’s basically just gonna replace the money that was coming from other sources, like the general fund,” said Marta Hummel Mossberg, Maryland Public Policy Institute.

Other supporters believe passage of Question 7 will help the state and Marylanders.

“The passage of Question 7 would inure to the benefit of the Maryland economy and the Maryland taxpayer,” said Anirban Basu, Sage Policy Group.

It’s estimated that if Question 7 passes, it will initially generate some $260 million for Maryland.


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