Week 11 in the NFL has been circled on the calendars of Ravens & Steelers fans a like since the schedule was released, now the game has a different feel about it.

No Big Ben, no Ray Ray, no battle of the hair with Troy Polamalu or Lardarius Webb, among others. Both teams have been less than full strength for the vast majority of the season yet they both pose a threat to each other and the rest of the league. Ravens (7-2) Steelers (6-3) has a sort of bloody nose feel to it that just makes one feel like a Man, it’s why I understand fans on both sides missing Roethlisberger. That said, the idea that this game means less is outrageous. A win is a win, on the road, in division, at Pittsburgh or on the moon. Get a win no matter what, no matter who and no matter where. Big Ben to me is the best player on the field and that includes Reed, Suggs, Harrison or anyone else suited up and if the best player on both teams is out, Baltimore has to win.

Yes, I’m saying it, without Big Ben this game becomes a MUST win for the Ravens. Yes, A MUST WIN! Chargers game in SD needs to be a win then Steelers in Baltimore takes this team to 10-2 if things go as they should. That’s where this team needs to be. 10-2 after the next three games. Period. I don’t want to do talk radio if the Ravens,that we expect so much from, go to Pittsburgh Sunday night in front of the world (without Big Ben) and dump one to the Steelers. I called it mid-week 20-13 and I’ll stick with that. Late FG from Pitt makes it look closer than it was on the field. Ravens, Flacco and Cam look confident on the road and things begin to round into form.

That’s how I see things (or at least hope for).

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