LANHAM, Md. (WJZ) — While the company who makes those cream-filled snacks, may be getting a new lease on life, a local bakers’ union is speaking about what happened with Hostess.

Christie Ileto has the latest details.

The bakers’ union in Lanham says the workers simply made too many concessions over the years and enough was enough. Now the union says they’re hoping a new company will buy out Hostess and our favorite treats will live to see another bite.

Hang in there. That’s what Bakers Union Local 118 in Lanham is telling their members Monday.

“We’re asking them to keep going to work, the ones that are in the thrift stores, until they hear back from us,” said Thomas Johnson, a union member who’s been with Hostess for 33 years.

Last Friday, Hostess announced it would close its doors for good after failing to reach terms with its bakers’ union that’s been on strike for more than a week, saying, “We do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike.”

“We’ve given concessions over the past several contracts,” said Allen Haight. “They’ve continued to demand more and severe ones this time around.”

Haight says this time, workers’ pensions were on the line and workers are not to blame.

“We didn’t create it; management did,” he said.

Hostess management spent Monday in a New York bankruptcy court to start selling itself. That process has been adjourned until Wednesday.

While production remains shut down, customers are cleaning out the shelves of Hostess thrift stores.

“I looked for the Ho-Hos and the fudge cookies and I couldn’t find them,” said Sarah Cox.

As of mid-Monday at the Hostess bakery thrift stop in Glen Burnie, Ho-Hos, Twinkies, Raspberry Zingers…pretty much everything was sold out except for iced honey buns and Susie Q’s.

“I didn’t count; I just grabbed a tray,” said Scott Ambrose.

Some items like Twinkies are selling for as much as $80 online.


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