Clouds will limit the sunshine Monday – and then again Tuesday. We are locked in this same weather pattern with high pressure over New England and a coastal storm off the Carolinas. The combination of the two will keep a breeze up out of the northeast, and temperatures slightly below average.

A new front will come into this blocked pattern and get things going again Wednesday. Expect more sunshine to mix with clouds Wednesday, then even more sunshine for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Temperatures will be climbing during this time. Our average high is currently 56 degrees. We could be closer to 60 by Thursday.

Clouds will be back on the increase again Friday as a new front moves our way. This is a stronger front, although it still won’t have a lot of moisture. There is the chance for some showers Friday night into Saturday with the front, but the bigger deal will be the new round of cold air coming our way. Highs will likely be in the 40s for the weekend.

Also, this set up will spark a lake-effect event. There could be some rain and snow showers for Garrett and Allegany Counties over the weekend.


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