WASHINGTON (AP) — Metro employees have amounted more than $250,000 in traffic fines and fees over the past three years, mostly from speeding and running red lights.

A public records request by WTOP Radio shows Metro employees were fined $227,000 for traffic violations since 2010 while driving Metrobuses or service vehicles. The transit agency accrued an additional $65,000 in late fees for fines that weren’t paid on time.

Speeding fines cost the agency $40 to $400 per ticket. Running red lights cost between $75 and $350 per infraction. Parking tickets also cost $50 to $205 for each infraction.

Over 32 months, Metro employees were issued more than 2,400 tickets. Employees are responsible for paying them.

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel says there’s just one violation for every 92,000 miles Metro drives.

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