BALTIMORE¬†(WJZ) — Your porch light or lamp post is one of the highest used light fixtures in your home.

Mary Bubala reports it’s the perfect place to install Energy Star light bulbs.

CFLs are now coming in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit smaller lamps.

You can also install a motion sensor that turns the light off when no one is around.

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  1. kyle says:

    It may take a minute or two for some CFL’s to reach their full brightness….something to consider when use as a porch or yard light, or other security needs are an issue. Hope the makers can address this soon.

  2. Ed Sottile-Jackson says:

    I’ve been using CFLs in my pole and porch lights for several years – haven’t replaced them for several years either. I also installed CFLs where my kids tend to leave the lights on. My electric bill has decreased at least 25% per month by switching to CFLs.

  3. Energy_saver85 says:

    If we recycle old CFLs we can keep the environment safe. The problem would be if everyone is willing to do so. Are you going to participate in the recycling program to help our environment?

  4. Cao Qi says:

    To install a motion sensor that turns the light off when no one is around.I think it is a good idea.
    motion sensor lights

  5. Robert says:

    Why is this a story? If you needed someone to tell you to use a CFL on your porch light, then you’re an idiot. Mary, I like you but this was stupid.

  6. David says:

    motion sensors on CFL’s don’t save any energy at all. It takes more energy to start a CFL then it would to keep it lit. That’s why they aren’t recommended for bathrooms due to the lights being turned on and off all the time. Plus they aren’t environmentally friendly due to the amount of mercury that they contain.

  7. Mr. Right says:

    well while you all are getting that wet and warm feeling. It”s only a matter of time before the code enforcement police will be out in the dark checking to see if every one has their cfl ‘s installed in all outside light fixtures.

    The same way they are placing bar codes in the wast and recycle cans. so and if you don’t abide by the rules; the local municipality will issue you a love letter ( citation) in the mail.
    Doesn’t giving up your freedom feel good ; it’s like peeing on your self with dark clothing , in that it gives you a warm wet feeling and no one notices until its to late. stop drinking the cool aid!

  8. ulysses says:

    How about porch monkeys, how much energy do they consume sitting on a porch drinking & smoking.

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