The Ravens decision to fire Cam Cameron and replace him with Jim Caldwell is a bold, and also risky move. The last time something like this happened was in 2006 when Brian Billick, at 4-2, fired Jim Fassel. The results was going 9-1 the rest of the way and finishing 13-3, before getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs.

One difference is that Brian Billick has been a coordinator before. Caldwell never has been an offensive coordinator. It doesn’t mean he can’t do it; just that he hasn’t.  He will be learning on the fly.  He has never had to call plays in 15 seconds over and over.

Maybe he’ll be great, but maybe he won’t.  My gut is the Ravens offense had maxed out with Cam and Joe, so this was something that should happen. Whether it was the smart thing to do at the 13 game mark, we will find out shortly.


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