BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Local frustration is growing over the impending fiscal cliff. Some Marylanders have heated messages for the president and lawmakers.

As Monique Griego explains, anytime lawmakers talk about raising taxes, residents get upset.

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With the fiscal cliff just days away, taxpayers are pointing the finger.

“I wish Congress would get with it and realize something needs to be done,” said Jacqueline Slabney.

“Get busy and solve the problem, stop all politicking,” said Marvin Mullen.

“I mean I think they’re being kind of selfish what they’re doing,” said Margaret Roberts.

This time frustration with Washington seems to be bipartisan.

“They can’t agree on anything. They need to get rid of all of them,” said Dan Brown.

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“Do your job or we can put somebody in there that can,” said Chuck Hoy.

“Both parties need to work together because we the people are going to be the ones that suffer for it,” said Kevin Jamesikonedo.

Some taxpayers think no agreement is the best way out.

“Let it go. Let’s go over the cliff and see what happens,” said Joe Schnitzer.

Others are worried the fiscal cliff could send the U.S. into a financial nosedive.

“Everybody is going through so much right now. So many people out of work they’ve gotta settle this,” said Margaret Roberts.

“We gotta get to work and do something for the American people,” said Stephen Berger.

Many people said they thought both sides had good point, but the bottom line was they need to fix things and fast.

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Even if a deal is reached, the IRS is advising employers to continue to use 2012 withholding tables and personal exemptions until further notice.