By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—If you listen to Mix 106.5, you’ve heard it, and you’re responding in a big way. It’s a musical tribute to Ray Lewis.

Ron Matz reports the song is lighting up the phone lines and the Internet every time it’s played.

“Today I told my team this would be my last ride,” the lyrics read.

It’s a tribute to Ray Lewis. It’s the hard work of John Boesche, part of the Mix 106.5 morning team.

“When I was making it, I cried. When I was done, I didn’t like it. The next morning after we played it, it took off and that was the affirmation I needed,” Boesche said.

The affirmation came when thousands of listeners responded.

“It’s been crazy. This whole city is all about Ray right now. It’s the ‘Rayoffs.’ There’s nothing more powerful than Ray’s words,” said Reagan Warfield, Mix 106.5.

Putting Lewis’ words to the music wasn’t easy.

“The song itself had to be re-mixed several times. You have to go through all the interviews. You pick the interviews, you edit them. Then the interviews are placed in the song. It’s a three and a half hour project,” Boesche said.

“The phones light up when we play it. Everybody wants to hear it over and over again,” said Maria Dennis, Mix 106.5.

“The reaction has been incredible, bigger than I thought,” Boesche said. “Somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 hits on our pages, it’s just been crazy.”

You can find the complete Ray Lewis tribute song on the Mix 106.5 morning show Facebook page. The “Bmore Ravens Fan Page” also has the song.

“I didn’t really do this,” Boesche said. “I’m just the messenger. Ray did it all. It’s his song. It’s his words. It’s his motivation. The goosebumps are all about Ray.”

Click here to listen.


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