BALTIMORE (WJZ) — In another high-scoring game, the Patriots beat the Texans on Sunday night. Now they will face the Ravens next week. The purple birds will head to New England. They are just one game away from the Super Bowl.

Derek Valcourt spoke to fans about Saturday night’s game and next week’s big match-up for the AFC Championship.

For Ravens Nation, next Sunday can’t come soon enough

Fans literally danced in the streets of Baltimore when the Ravens beat Denver on Saturday night.

Traffic in Federal Hill came to a grinding halt for blocks as the bars emptied out after the victory.

Police had to get involved to stop the celebration from getting out of hand.

Some lucky fans who watched the victory in person flew back to BWI airport from Denver on Sunday glowing with love for the team and the game’s outcome.

“Everybody was saying, ‘You’re wasting your money going out there. Denver is going to crush you. Manning is going to own your team,’ and then when we came away with the victory it was just the best reward ever,” said Sarah Rulison.

“And the atmosphere in Denver was so solemn and so quiet after the game you could have almost heard a pin drop,” said Martha Patrick.

“I’m walking out of the stadium with my friend, and I just said ‘I don’t think it’s sunk in yet that we won this game,’ so it was one of the most thrilling games I’ve ever seen,” said Dane Crook.

With Denver down, football fans packed local bars Sunday to watch which team the Ravens would square off against for the AFC Championship.

With the Pats victorious, it’s looking like a repeat of last year’s AFC Championship game, though this time fans are confident the outcome will be different.

“We are going to get revenge after last year. That’s what it’s all it’s about,” said Pete VanWert. “Offensively we are doing better, so I think I like our chances.”

“I really don’t feel like who we play, I feel like the way we played yesterday we can beat anybody,” said Tavon Barnes.

Bars and restaurants across the region are offering Ravens specials for next Sunday’s game and advising people to arrive early or better yet, make reservations.


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