BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Gun control and violence continues to be a topic of discussion across the nation, including here in Baltimore City, where five people have been fatally shot.

Rochelle Ritchie has more on the troubling statistics and the latest victims.

Baltimore City Police Department has seen a 65 percent increase in gun violence compared to last year. Two of the homicide victims are a 17-year-old girl and 23-year-old waiter who worked at the very popular Roy’s restaurant.

Baltimore City police are hoping the latest gun violence and homicides are not a sign of things to come throughout the year.

“Friday was very busy for us as a whole,” said Baltimore City Police Commissioner Anthony Batts.

Over the weekend, there were four killings in six hours and Tuesday morning a 17-year-old girl was fatally shot in an alley during a drug deal.

An arrest was made in her death: 18-year-old Dorrien Allen is now charged with first-degree murder.

“They knew by the description who the suspect was and immediately began a canvas for him, and hours later they apprehended him,” said Det. Vernon Davis, Baltimore City Police.

While some cases are solved within hours, others are not, as in the case of Delroy Davis, who was shot and killed just steps away from his home.

Baltimore City police homicide detectives, along with members of the community, are going door-to-door handing out fliers on West Lanvale Street in hopes of tracking down Davis’ shooter.

“Today we are back in the community, and we are asking for anyone’s assistance,” said Det. Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore City Police.

Davis, 20, was returning home from work Friday night around 11:30 when he was shot multiple times.

“Delroy Davis was a good kid. He was 20 years old. From what his family tells me, he had two jobs and was coming home from one of those jobs,” Silbert said.

The city’s homicide rate in 2012 ended at 217, 20 more murders than 2011.

Despite the increase, the city saw a 5 percent decrease in violent crime and a 6 percent decrease in crime involving guns.

Now with five killings in 72 hours, Commissioner Batts stands behind any laws that take weapons out of the wrong hands.

“I am in support of anything that saves young lives on the streets of Baltimore,” Batts said.

The police commissioner says that this time last year they investigated 12 non-fatal shootings. This year that number has doubled to 24.

The homicides come after the city went 11 days without any homicides in the new year.

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