The initial precipitation late Thursday night and first thing Friday can be a slippery mix of rain, snow and ice especially in some of the suburbs, but Friday during the day is mostly rain with temperatures well above freezing.

Some flurries Friday night with the cold air are coming in on the back side of this strengthening storm. There is an outside chance that the rain just changes to snow for a few hours resulting in a small accumulation. The best chance for that is farther to the north and east.

A ridge of high pressure will keep the weather dry Thursday and probably most of  the night, but any sun that we see in the morning should begin to fade behind increasing and thickening clouds.

Two separate areas that are being impacted by rough weather early Thursday: Some heavy rain in Louisiana is being accompanied by thunder and lightning, while the Upper Midwest is getting some snow. When these two waves converge on the East Coast Friday night, there will be some blizzard conditions in eastern and southern New England (mostly Connecticut, Rhode Island and in the vicinity of Boston).

Our forecast Friday only has occasional rain in it, and the storm should be heading out to sea Friday evening.

A gusty northwest wind will be pulling some colder air down Friday night and on Saturday, but the temperature should begin a moderating trend early next week.

Have a good day!