TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — A Towson concert venue is undergoing a major conversion into a nightclub.

But as Monique Griego explains, after a riot in September, the Recher Theatre’s new move has its critics.

After years of hosting live bands, the Recher Theatre on York Road in Towson is getting a major makeover.

“The place has been ridden hard over the years with the amount of shows we’ve had and we’re going to make it pretty again,” said Brian Recher.

Co-owner Brian Recher says the rundown venue will soon be revamped into Torrent Nightclub, an upscale 21-and-over bar with DJs as entertainment. Recher says the change is due to slumping sales and increased competition from larger venues.

“They’ve just started picking away at the business we were doing,” he said.

But the conversation has its critics. Last September, an event held at the theatre turned into a riot where one person was shot.

Baltimore County Councilman David Marks declined an interview but told WJZ’s partners at the Baltimore Sun he and other community members are concerned about the amount of people a nightclub would draw to the area.

Nancy Hafford from the Towson Chamber of Commerce disagrees, saying one incident shouldn’t erase years of good standing.

“They have been wonderful business owners and committed millions of dollars to our community to revitalize the business that they’d had here,” Hafford said.

This soon-to-be nightclub is only part of recent renovations on the property. A newly opened lounge and the Towson Tavern Restaurant are all part of an effort to breathe new life into the area.

“We just want to do good business and I don’t mind being scrutinized because you have to do what’s best for the town,” Recher said.

Recher doesn’t have an exact date for the Torrent Nightclub to open, he’s just hoping for as soon as possible.

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz also came out Thursday in support of Recher’s plans, saying it was a positive addition to business in Towson.

The Recher Theatre plans to finish up its current schedule of events, with it’s last show set for March 31. After that, they’ll finish the building’s renovation.