(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Clark Judge joined Zinno on “Last Call with Mark Zinno” Tuesday night just to give an outlook to the Ravens Off season and a peak at the NFL Landscape. You can listen to the full interview right here!

The first topic of conversation has to do with the combine. Judge’s recent article is a list of prospects to stay away from. Topping this list is Manti Te’o. Coaches and GMs obviously want to avoid a “media circus,” Zinno sees being “bigger than Tim Tebow.” Zinno asks him if coaches and players wanting to know if he is gay is a fair question and if it’s even their right to know. Judge says Te’o was asked a bunch of questions but not his sexual preference. The question if asked, wouldn’t even have to be answered. The main attention has to paid to his play on the field, which is suspect after the National Championship Game against Alabama. His lack of speed is a major concern, not that he didn’t have a great career at Notre Dame.

Joe Flacco’s contract is under negotiation. Judge says it would be crazy to think that Flacco may be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. Tom Brady restructures his deal but doubled his guaranteed money but took a cut for this year. People look at Brady as a “saint” but he actually made out better. The comparison between the players and their contracts are a bit of a stretch. Tom Brady has already been locked in. Flacco is looking to be locked in. Brady is a descending player. Flacco is an ascending player. Brady is paid on what he’s already done. Flacco is looking to get paid for his potential.

Alex Smith is most likely going to be traded from the 49ers. He may only get a second round draft pick, depending who they trade him to. Kansas City may need a QB like him to minimize turnovers and mistakes. There are an abundance of teams looking for quarterbacks but they’re going to have to find a good fit for him.

Darrelle Revis is looking for a contract and looking for one. The Jets are running away from contract talks. Revis is already signed for another year and the Jets are not willing to talk because of that fact. He’s expected to show up.

The league and Players Association are looking for changes to protect the players. Some rule changes are to come in the kicking game. There is much discussion about head injuries and concussions. There are talks about low blocks and hits below the waist may be eliminated, but it all comes back to head injuries. Fines don’t appear to be doing much to change the way players approach the game, so suspensions may be the next step in punishment. Not only will it effect the players financially but it will hurt their ball club as well.

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