BALTIMORE (WJZ)—As Catholics around the world continue to give thanks for the election of a new Holy Father, Baltimore parishioners joined in with a thanksgiving Mass for Pope Francis.

Gigi Barnett has more from the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen.

Every pew at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen is filled for a thanksgiving Mass.

This weekend, the prayers of parishioners are focused on the Catholic Church’s new pontiff, Pope Francis.

“He’s really humble. He looks like he’s really dedicated to the service of the church. I’m really excited,” said Stephen Sharpe, Catholic parishioner.

“He’s what we need,” said Lynn Leaf, Catholic parishioner.

Baltimore’s Archbishop William Lori says the church has much to be grateful for in the new pope, including the first Hispanic and Jesuit pontiff.

“How wonderful it is that we have a member of the Society of Jesus for the first time in history as a pope,” Lori said.

During the Mass, Lori told parishioners that Pope Francis will focus on serving the poor, and, so should they.

“He’s just going to raise the priorities of people, I think, what is important in our lives,” Lori said.

Lori is going to Rome this year to meet the pope in a private session. He says he’ll take the well-wishes of parishioners with him.