BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A bright light in the sky, moving tens of thousands of miles an hour. We’re now learning more about Friday night’s meteor.

Adam May reports.

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Across Maryland and up and down the East Coast, there were countless sightings of a meteor lighting up the sky.

“I saw a bright flash across the sky. It was white and had a little green in it. It was something I have never seen before,” said Jessica Hnatiuk.

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A surveillance camera at a car dealership in Delaware also captured the meteor, flying across the horizon.

“It moved very slowly across the sky, which might suggest that it was a good size, bright enough for us to see, and perhaps high up in the atmosphere,” said Jim O’Leary, Maryland Science Center.

Unlike the meteor that exploded over Russia in February, injuring hundreds, the East Coast meteor was lower in atmosphere and much smaller.

“We’re hit by meteors hundreds and hundreds of times a day, maybe even more. Because they are falling all over the earth, most of them are small,” O’Leary said. “Most of them happen over the ocean or happen during the day time so we don’t even see them. This one happened at night, bright, caught on camera again like they always are, and it made a good show.”

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Scientists say the meteor may have been as small as an orange.