BALTIMORE (WJZ) –Shaking things up in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis is already proving to be a pontiff who does things his own way.

Monqiue Griego has more on how Catholics feel about his unique style.

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Pope Francis has already done several things that break from tradition. That isn’t sitting well with some followers.

On Easter Monday at the Vatican, Pope Francis was again welcomed by a massive crowd of adoring followers.

During the past few days of celebrations, Pope Francis has proven to be a pontiff with his own style.

“Pope Francis is spontaneous. He’s his own person and he gets energized by being with people, and that’s refreshing,” said Father Anthony Killian.

On Easter Sunday he again deviated from his predecessor’s approach by making his way through Saint Peter’s Square in an open top Popemobile–free of bulletproof glass. He then got as up close and personal as he could with followers.

“I love him. I think it’s wonderful. He’s turning the church upside down,” said Barbara Lamblin, Catholic.

While many people seem to like the new pope’s openness, a few of his other actions aren’t sitting well with some Catholics.

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Church traditionalists have spoken out against the new pontiff for consistently breaking with tradition.

Last week Pope Francis washed the feet of two female prisoners in a ceremony that’s always been men only.

He’s also opted for simpler clothes and rejected many extravagances that come with the papacy.

“I think he’s setting a good example for Catholics all over the world,” said Trevor McNabb, Catholic.

Still, local Catholics are torn on whether Pope Francis is foreshadowing to a major shakeup in the church itself.

“I think he’s kind of indicating that he’s going to change quite a bit,” Lamblin said.

“He’s very close to what the church teaches. I don’t expect any shocking things from the pope,” Killian said.

Pope Francis has also cut down on the length of services by keeping masses short and to the point.

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Many believe Pope Francis’ style is simple so he can keep the focus on his mission to help the poor and less fortunate.