TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)—A march for unity. Towson University students fed up with the alleged poor representation a White Student Union is painting of their school marched through campus in effort to bring peace.

Rochelle Ritchie has more on how students and university officials plan to re-establish a positive image.

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The White Student Union is not recognized as an official group by Towson University, which says many of the group’s members aren’t even students.

It’s a sign of unity on Towson University’s campus as students rallied to show support for diversity after the formation of a White Student Union.

“We fight negativity with positivity,” said one student.

A large crowd made up of students, professors and the university president carried signs of peace, unity and diversity as they marched through campus to show their school is not racially divided.

“I think it’s good for the news to see we are a united campus and we do support each other in everything we do,” said another student.

“Be the change! Be the change!” students chanted.

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This rally comes just months after senior Matthew Heimbach founded the White Student Union. It’s a spinoff from his former group, Youths For Western Civilization, in which members chalked “White Pride” all over campus.

“They’re tired of not being able to celebrate pride in their culture. They’re tired of being discriminated against. They’re tired of not getting jobs because of affirmative action programs,” Heimbach said.

Heimbach’s offensive actions have gained him national attention but serious backlash from university president Maravene Loeschke.

“I would say it is an embarrassment because our core values are very strong. We win awards, all kinds of awards, for what we do for diversity,” Loeschke said.

Students say they are not in support of any kind of race pride on campus–only Tiger pride.

“We are Towson and we will never not be anything else,” said a student.

Heimbach has organized campus night patrols in an effort to deter crime he claims is caused by blacks targeting what he calls the majority.

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Heimbach is a history major. He graduates in May.