Sky Kerstein joined Glenn Younes on Wednesday night’s edition of the Glenn Younes show. Sky covers the Caps for 105.7 the Fan’s sister station 106.7 the Fan in Washington D.C. On Wednesday the Capitals made a move for Left Wing Martin Erat and prospect cent Michael Lata trading Filip Forsberg to the Nashville Predators right at the 3 PM deadline.

When asked what he thinks of the move Sky said “A lot of people thought that he was the best player in the draft. A lot of people thought he could play up here next year. However he was traded and a lot of people thought he was untouchable, but he was traded.”

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Sky then went on to state that he is not sure of what the mind set of this team is “They have 17 wins, 10 have come against the South East division, the worst division in the sport, 3 came from the Buffalo Sabres and only two came against top eight seeds… They are mortgaging their future to win now, I really don’t like the move”.

When asked about General Manager George McPhee’ mindset, Sky simply states that he won’t admit that they are not that good. “The only move that has panned out was Mike Ribero and they will probably lose him too… He’s been the best player from start to finish and he is the reason why they are even chasing a playoff run right now”.

Sky is pretty glum on the Capitals chances if they do make the playoffs because of the Capitals past playoff experience. “Well if they win the division they would have home ice in the first round but that doesn’t mean much. They would have a shot against the lower seeds like Toronto. But if they were to face a team like Pittsburgh or Boston, they won’t make it out of the first round”.

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Sky gave his final playoff prediction for the Washington Capitals, “They’ll win the division even squeak out of the first round, but will be eliminated in the second round. I don’t know how big of an upside this really is”.

Finishing the preview of the NHL, Sky believes that a team like the Chicago Blackhawks will win the Stanley Cup. “Anybody in the top portion of the Western Conference has a great shot, the Western Conference is that much better”.

Finally talking about the Wizards, he believes that the Wizards have a bright future, but they are still a few years from being really competitive. “Last night was a great win but it was also a bad loss because Bradley Beal is done, but I like what Bradley Beal has been doing and John Wall has improved his jump shot. They have a great shot to finish ninth in the conference. But I just don’t know how good they really are.”

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