Duke v Louisville

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

It’s an amazing thing when you see the emotion coming from young kids, called “student athletes”, this time of year.

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It’s generally due to extreme outcomes of some sort. A game winning shot, upset at the buzzer or devastating defeat.

The worst of those extremes is an injury and even worse a leg bending one in front of ones own team.

It’s what happened to Louisville during their elite 8 matchup. Kevin Ware with maybe the worst injury ever seen on TV, an accolade nobody wants, broke his right shin with inches of it sticking out… It was a hand up, walk away near lose your lunch moment. Then the replays, which I didn’t see a second of as I turned away but the player reaction was mind blowing.

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Both teams, coaches crippled with emotion. Players collapsing out of visual illness. The fans in the stands had tears in their eyes, as did most watching at home with the players on the court. An extremely emotional event and it had little to do with sports, everything to do with humanity.

Competition is a major part of why I love sports, many others too, but at that moment it was the heart of young people that pulled me in. The second after the disgust and shock wore off the feelings started to take over. Louisville players couldn’t walk, talk or even stop from crying after seeing what happened to their teammate.

Sure feelings of “that could have been me” we’re in their heads but also ones of complete sadness. That’s teamwork, brotherhood and hope that the almighty dollar hasn’t fully ruined sports… Yet. If there is anything positive that comes from such a terrible injury Kevin Ware suffered its that he’s already on his way to a full recovery, out of surgery all is good, and that these “student athletes” still play for each other and the love of the game.

God Bless Kevin Ware.

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