The National Championship last night was a great way to end the College Basketball season. This game had everything you could ask for including players you didn’t know stepping up for both teams. The Spike Albrecht story in the first half was incredible. He carried that team in the first half with superstar Trey Burke in foul trouble. Spike averaged under 2 points per game during the regular season and dropped 17 points in the first half.

On the flip side you have Luke Hancock drop 22 points and was named the Most outstanding Player in the Championship game. Hancock hit four 3 pointers in the first half and kept Louisville in the game. Many experts were beating up Russ Smith for his poor play and even poorer decision-making in the game. But he did hit a key 3 pointer down the stretch and had a great pass that set up Hancock late in the game for a big 3 as well.

In my opinion the officiating was atrocious, but I believe there were bad calls for both teams. I also believe that Michigan made some poor decisions from a coaching standpoint late in the game and I don’t think they should have let Trey Burke sit for most of the first half. All in all it was a great game and I do believe the better team won.