Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh joined Ed & Steve to talk about the Ravens off-season.

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

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Steve asked John how life is as a Superbowl champion. John said it hasn’t changed much but he does like when people address him as champ cause he addresses them back as champ because “we are all champs in Baltimore this year.”

Coach Harbaugh also talked about the possibility of Kelechi Osemele playing left tackle for the Ravens next year. John said they like KO a lot and that he played tackle in college and was excellent last year in a brand new position.

Ed asked coach Harbaugh about the Rolando McClain signing and if they were trying to temper expectations. John said the expectations are already a bit lowered because of his off the field issues and performance issues in Oakland.

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Coach Harbaugh also talked about bringing in a guy with serious off the field issues. Harbaugh said he doesn’t worry about it because Rolando is basically on his last chance in the NFL. Harbaugh said he believes McClain is a changed man who has grown up and is married now.

Coach Harbaugh also went over the upcoming draft, saying that the team will go best player available and stack the team.

Steve then asked coach Harbaugh about any under the radar current Ravens that might surprise people. Coach specifically named Bobby Rainey and Damien Berry on offense, and seemed very excited about Michael McAdoo as a guy who may be a great pass rusher for us in the near future.

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Coach Harbaugh then talked about getting chills listening to the people of Boston sing the national anthem at the Boston Bruins game last night.