Head coach of the Penn State Football team, Bill O’Brien joins The Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to talk about Penn State football. Bill talks about being named National Coach of the Year and the BIG-10 coach of the year, after the Penn State scandle rocked NCAA Football world. O’Brien goes on to dicuss the leadership of the team, after losing 31 seniors to graduation last year. Despite all the sanctions levied on the team Penn State still has kids interested in playing for them, 70 kids showed up for the spring blue/white game on unofficial business. Bill goes on to break down their top national recruit, Christian Hackenberg, who will compete for the top quarterback spot this year. With realignment happening all through out college football, as well as basketball Bill O’Brien feels that;

“Eventually there will be five or six super confrences. I don’t think expansion is over in the BIG-10, and I don’t think its over is most of the major confrences either.”

Bill O’Brien talks about the struggles the schools faced after the scandle that rocked Happy Valley and the rest of the NCAA Football world. Also Bill touches on the additions of new schools to the BIG-10 and the realignment that followed.


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