BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Students in the Baltimore City school system are just absorbing the news that the schools CEO is leaving.

Mary Bubala asked students how they think the system should move forward and what changes need to be made.

Students at Baltimore City College believe they’re getting a quality education. They go to one of the top-performing schools in the system and, with the departure of School CEO Dr. Andres Alonso at the end of the year, the students have definite opinions on what the next leader should focus on.

“It’s really a mixed bag. I mean, we are incredibly lucky to go to a school like this but for other public school students, their schools are not as well equipped as ours to prepare them for college for careers,” said senior Pauline Pearcy.

“Now I see city schools moving in the direction that we are serving students individually,” said senior Alex Leonard.

“When you have high expectations placed upon you, your own standards become higher,” said junior Isaac Lunt.

“Take the programs we have from here to other schools. I think that would be better and I think that’s what the new superintendent needs to know,” said junior Kendra Sanford.

“I definitely think diversity is a really important thing in an educational environment,” said freshman Makayla Gilliam-Price.

“In order to make sure students are successful in any way possible, managing financing is very important,” said junior Omar Joyce.

Dr. Alonso’s last day is June 30. His chief of staff will serve as interim CEO until a replacement is named.