The Orioles pitching staff is being hit hard right now. Miguel Gonzales and Wei Yin Chen both out with injuries, although neither one is major. The Orioles tried to make sure they have all this depth in the rotation, so we’re about to see if they were right.

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

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Arrieta and Britton have both tried and been sent to the minors.

Steve Johnson had a start and was sent down, but could be right back up.

Freddy Garcia has been called up and has had one great start and one mediocre start.

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Dylan Bundy is hurt, and Kevin Gausman isn’t ready yet.

That leaves Jair Jurrjens, who has 8 starts at AAA and has pitched reasonably well. It might be his turn now.

Don’t forget, the Orioles also have starters in their bullpen–Matusz, Hunter and McFarland, so they remain options, although probably not good ones.

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They better find a couple guys, however, to hold down the fort until Gonzales and Chen are back.