Hall of Fame Jockey Gary Stevens joined the Norris & Davis show to talk about the Preakness.  Stevens will ride Oxbow just looking to win another Preakness.

Steve asked about Gary coming out of retirement to start racing again this year. Gary said that he was getting the itch to race again during last year.  By the time the Breeders Cup rolled around he had his mind made up and he is loving it.

Bob asked if maybe he felt that he had some unfinished business.  Gary said that he would love to win a Breeders Cup whether or not he will get the chance is something he will have to wait on.

Steve asked about how he feels as a jockey compared to the end of his career. He said that he feels a whole lot better, and that it is no secret he had many operations on his knee.

Bob asked about his running at the Kentucky Derby. Gary said that he has a good trip and was happy but just ran out of gas at the end.

Steve asked the small field at the Preakness and why the second through fourth finishers aren’t running.  Gary said that Orb was just that good and people don’t want to challenge this horse.  He does think that Departing runs a lot like Orb and could prove to be a threat.





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