BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If you drive on the JFX or any part of Interstate 83, be sure that you’re following all the traffic laws.

Several police departments are teaming up to crack down on speeders, aggressive drivers and other violators.

Gigi Barnett has more on the new partnership.

Troopers from Maryland and Pennsylvania say, in recent months, they’ve received numerous complaints from drivers about other distracted drivers and dangerous drivers. And now, it’s time to crack down.

If you’re driving on I-83 anytime soon, be prepared.

Officers from Maryland and Pennsylvania say they’re beefing up patrols on Interstate 83. Even their chopper is out, with eyes in the sky, looking for dangerous drivers.

“We saw a lot of cops on the way up here, even,” said Jim Creavey, driver.

“It’s very active out there. If you go for a ride, you’ll see it,” said Lt. Doug Baralo, Maryland State Police.

From Downtown Baltimore to York, Pa., this part of I-83 it’s a 60-mile stretch of road. And troopers from both states are looking for distracted drivers, tailgaters and speeders.

“If you start down in the city and make it up to York, Pa., you’ll probably pass about 30 troopers and officers,” Lt. Baralo said.

Police say the crack down will cut back on near fatal accidents.

“83 is a terrible road,” said Nakul Tasker.

Drivers like Nakul Tasker often see what police are looking to catch.

“If I stay late on a Friday, I have to deal with drunk drivers more than anything else,” he said.

Troopers say the deluge of officers on I-83 helps spread the warning to be safe.

“People will go home and say, ‘Wow, I was out on 83 today and you should have seen all those troopers and officers out there. What was going on? Hopefully the message will get out that we’re going to be out here,” said Lt. Baralo.

Troopers believe the warmer weather may be to blame for some of the dangerous drivers. They say this is the time more people are out on the road, and many of them are looking to get to their summer vacations fast.

The crackdown is now in effect.


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