July will start out just as June finished, which is very wet. Once the sun tries to peak out during the mid-day, hours showers and thunderstorms will start to develop. These showers and thunderstorms will be heavy and will be the cause of any flooding that occurs.

There could be three inches, with some places collecting over 5 inches in the heaviest thunderstorms.

Due to the very wet month, the ground is fairly saturated so all the heavy rain will result in some flooding, both in urban areas with fast-run off from thunderstorms, but also near streams while eventually some of the larger rivers will probably approach and exceed flood stage toward the end of the week.

Monday and Tuesday will be the wettest days of this week with numerous showers and thunderstorms that can cause flooding due to the already rain soaked grounds and the tropical air mass in place. These thunderstorms can produce 1-3 inch per hour rainfall rates. By Thursday the ridge in the Atlantic Ocean pushes west and pushes the heaviest moisture plume further west; however, that does not mean that the I-95 cord will be dry. The coverage area of the showers and thunderstorms will decrease.


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