Gordon Gronkowski, father of NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski, joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss his new book, “Growing Up Gronk.”

Steve started out by asking Gordon about his reactions as a dad to what has been going on in New England. Gordon said that he can’t go into any details about Aaron Hernandez. Belichick is the best in the business and he knows how to handle it. Rob is in great spirits after a tough season last year and will be back soon.

Bob asked about the challenges as a parent to keep your kid grounded and shield your children from negative outside influence. Gordon said that keeping the positive influence is always tough. We are a tight family and if anything happens that we dont agree with we step in a look out for one another.

Steve asked about Gronks image as a public figure. He said that his philosophy is that life is short so live it to the fullest. The super bowl party and Vegas thing he was there with him and didnt see him do anything wrong. The Vegas thing was with his two brothers, they were just goofing around and having harmless fun. Its alot more then genes to get to where they got today. All my kids were on the honor roll and they are smart and responsible kids.

Bob then asked about his thoughts on the Maryland football program. Gordon said it is a stand up program and the coach did what he told them he was going to do.

Steve then asked the father of Rob Gronkowski about travel sports and the pressure parents sometimes put on kids. Gordon said that his philosophy is that he will show him the path to the NFL but that he will not push them. His first son didnt really show much enthusiasm until high school. In the end the brothers would motivate each other, they would pick times and work out together.


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