Matt Ryan just signed a 5 year extension and everybody was wondering if he was going to get more money than Joe Flacco.  I had been saying for weeks after Flacco signed his deal that Matt Ryan would get paid more money.  I was called an idiot, a Moron, and a Matt Ryan fan boy.  Although some of that may be true, he did end up getting more money per year and guaranteed.  I said Ryan would get more, not because he is better, but because his contract would be negotiated after Flacco’s.

This is how the NFL works.  You don’t always get paid for what you have done.  Sometimes you get paid for what they think you can do or because of what other teams would be willing to pay you if you had hit the open market.

Here is the breakdown of his contract…

The five-year extension pays $20.75 million per year, giving Ryan the second highest average, ahead of Flacco’s deal of $20.1 million and behind Aaron Rodgers $22 million. Also, Ryan gets $59 million guaranteed, and $63 million over the first three years.  Flacco got $52 million guaranteed and $62 million over the first three years, if you were wondering.