Seth Everett with FOX Sports Radio joined the Glenn Younes show to talk about the MLB suspensions given out today.

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Glenn asked Seth’s stance on the suspensions given out to 13 players including Alex Rodriguez. Seth compared the testing policy in the MLB to a speed limit. “If you went a year and had nobody getting pulled over for speeding. You wouldn’t say ‘wow everyone is following the rules’. You say man there must be something wrong with your radar gun.” Seth went on to say, “This shows that the testing program works. That the investigative team is due diligent and I think that the suspensions today proved the deterrent of PED’s.”

“I thought the biggest story today was Nelson Cruz.” “His team wanted him to appeal so he could play during the pennant race…they basically threatened him and said ‘if you don’t appeal, go find another team you’re not welcome back here.” Seth said that this story is more interesting to him than the Alex Rodriguez story. “That to me is more telling or more interesting than A-Rod, but the media is obsessed with Alex.”

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Glenn asked Seth if this is a “big day for baseball”. Seth then said, “No I don’t think so. This wasn’t a big day in baseball. What this was; was the culmination of a long story in which we finally have some kind of action.”

Listen to the full conversation here.

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