ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Six grueling weeks of hardcore physical fitness and discipline come to an end for 1,200 Naval Academy plebes.

This weekend, midshipmen get a break and the chance to see their parents for the first time in a long time.

Gigi Barnett has more on Parents’ Weekend.

Back in June, parents dropped their former high schoolers off at the Naval Academy. Since then, it’s been only drills and discipline for the new midshipmen.

But this weekend, plebe summer is over, and parents were invited back to see what the Navy has done.

“They’ve worked them hard this summer and so they’re well prepared. So we’ll be glad to see him,” said Tony Metcalfe, parent.

The Navy took away all access to television, movies and the Internet. And plebes received just three 30-minute phone calls all summer long.

Learning Navy culture was essential.

“We sat on the three inches of our chairs, squared our corners like this for every single meal, which is very rough,” said Stephanie Simon, midshipman.

“It’s been a blur, to be completely honest. It’s been pretty crazy,” said Alex Lynch, midshipman.

Midshipman Alex Lynch is following in her dad’s footsteps–a Naval Academy grad himself. She wrote home as much as she could.

For many of the plebes and their parents, this reunion is a long time coming.

“I’m so proud of her. Whether she makes it a career or not, she’s got a great start to life. I’m just so happy to see her,” said Denise Lynch, parent.

After nearly no contact with their parents for the last six weeks, plebes will be able to spend the entire weekend with their family. There’s a parade on Saturday and then a free day on Sunday.

Plebes get a little over a week to rest. They’ll head back to class for the academic year on Aug. 19.


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