Kris “Goob” Jones of the Russell Street Report joined the Glenn Younes show to talk about the Ravens training camp.

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The guys started the conversation off by talking about the recent free agent signings of Dallas Clark and Brandon Stokley. “I think that the signings do validate that the team was struggling a little bit more on offense than they lead on to believe…I like the signing for the mere fact that it is no risk what so ever and you bring in two guys that have very good hands and historically have had very good hands.”

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They later talked about John Harbaugh being a hard ass in training camp by sending Aaron Mellette off the field for being lazy and telling Asa Jackson he would be cut if he jumped in between two guys fighting again. Glenn asked Goob “Is this nothing more than motivating his team to have tight training camps…or was he really feeling ornery and needed to put his team in place?” “I definitely think it was a combination of both…he was testy but he needed to be.” Kris elaborated on Jackson jumping in the fight, “I don’t know if he was trying to fight or trying to break it up, but Harbaugh made an example out of him.”

Glenn also asked Kris to talk about the improvements made at the defensive line. Kris said, “It’s amazing to think that you can lose two future hall of fame players and have a better defense the next year…I think you’re going to see a bunch of different packages.” He went on to say that, “You’re going to see a lot of Upshaw on first down because that’s typically a run down. Then you’re going to see Dumervil out there on 2nd and 3rd.”

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