What the hell is Joe Flacco’s larger than life picture doing hanging above the south end of the Broncos stadium?

The banners at Sports Authority Field at Mile High (credit: CBS)

The banners at Sports Authority Field at Mile High (credit: CBS)

That’s what Denver fans are screaming. The same Joe Flacco that just months ago in the very same stadium dropped a 70 yard nuclear bomb on Denver’s Super Bowl chances. The last guy they want to see in Denver is Joe bleeping Flacco.

Talk about a Rocky Mountain low. Flacco not only turned the lights out in Denver but it went from bad to worse when Bronco fans had to watch him become MVP of the Super Bowl, that should have been Peyton Manning not Joe damn Flacco! It gets even better, not only is Joe Cool flying high at Mile High but posters of him are plastered all over Denver. It’s Kickoff Week lets give a Mile High Salute to Joe Flacco. The Rock Heads can’t take it.

Denver fans are calling, tweeting and basically melting down trying to deep-six the Ravens number 5. A Denver broadcaster has gone “I’m as mad as hell and not going to take this any more” and asked his followers to join him in defacing Flacco posters along 16th street. Marijuana is legal in Colorado but there may not be enough grass to chill this bunch.

The Bronco’s claim innocence in this PR nightmare pointing the blame on the league’s home office. Unlike the other opening weekend games the Thursday night kickoff game is considered an NFL league event. So I guess some suit in the commish’s office decided that Joe Flacco posters all over Denver would be a good idea. Sure, and Ben Roethlisberger or Tom Brady life-size pictures hanging high at M&T Bank stadium would be a big hit in Baltimore.

These are the same people that used Jewish Holidays, the Orioles, Jupiter not aligned with Mars and whatever excuse they could come up with to put the Super Bowl Champs on the road in week 1. They tried so hard but just couldn’t work it out, I’ve got an idea lets have the Champs play in Denver. Perfect!

Just when we thought they didn’t like us the NFL and partner NBC reached out and awarded us Keith Urban floating around our Inner Harbor. Maybe they’ll strap The Lombardi Trophy to his back. And we thought they didn’t care. This is the same home office that decided Jacksonville not Baltimore would be a better spot for an NFL football team. Should we be surprised.

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