SALISBURY, Md. (WJZ) — A triple shooting near the campus of Salisbury University leaves two people dead and one student injured.  Investigators are now trying to figure out what led to the violence.

Derek Valcourt has more on the shooting that has stunned the Eastern Shore.

The triple shooting happened about a quarter-mile east of the university at a small off-campus house.  Police say it started with an argument between a couple.

School officials tell WJZ that Salisbury student Kristen Loetz, 20, had already ended a relationship with Ryan Shallue, 21, when he came to an off-campus home on Onley Road Tuesday night.

“And was upset that the ex-girlfriend had not been taking his phone calls and wanted to break up with him,” said Janet Dudley-Eshbach, Salisbury University President.

Police say when an argument broke out, 19-year-old Charles Abbott–also at the house–tried to intervene. That’s when police say Shallue pulled out a gun, killing Abbott and wounding Loetz before taking his own life.

Loetz remains hospitalized at Shock Trauma, while Salisbury’s campus is left reeling.

“It was kind of awful to hear that it was something about a relationship that caused it,” said Kylee Failor, student.

“We know that violence in general and relationship violence is a problem in our society, but it’s never hit home like it has this time,” Dudley-Eshbach said.

Family and friends are left heartbroken over the death of Abbott, known to friends as “C.J.”

“It’s a shock because he was so happy. We don’t understand what happened,” said Parrish Haile, victim’s friend.

Police investigators are trying to understand as well, as they look into what led the 21-year-old to resort to such extreme and unthinkable violence.

The university will host a candlelight vigil Wednesday at 7 p.m. to pray for the victims.

Loetz remains listed in critical but stable condition at Shock Trauma.

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