ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Newly released 911 calls depict a violent and disturbing scene Tuesday in Annapolis. It ended with police shooting and killing a man they say had just stabbed his estranged girlfriend to death.

Monique Griego has the recordings.

You can hear frantic neighbors calling police for help.

Newly released 911 calls from the Annapolis police department describe a violent domestic incident that ended with two people dead.

“There’s a man outside beating a woman outside 1911 Copeland Avenue,” a caller said.

“Does he have any weapons?” the 911 operator asked.

“I don’t know. He’s outside beating her real bad,” the caller responded.

The panicked caller watched as police say 31-year-old William Brown beat his estranged girlfriend, 29-year-old Ronnesha Simms, in the parking lot of her Annapolis home.

“She’s outside screaming. Please send somebody; can you hear her screaming?” a caller asked. “He will not get off of her. I think he does have a weapon.”

Moments later, the caller reported, “He got a knife, they said. They said he got a knife. Please, oh my God, please, they said he got a knife. He’s trying to stab her. There’s a man out there trying to help her.”

Investigators say one neighbor tried to stop the stabbing and was able to disarm Brown but the suspect went and grabbed a second knife.

Officers responded within a couple of minutes of the first call. They say when Brown threatened them and the victim with the knife, one officer shot him at least five times.

“I think the officer reasonably perceived his life was in danger, as well,” said Annapolis Police Chief Michael Pristoop.

Both Brown and Simms died of their injuries.

Brown has an extensive criminal history. In 2012, he was charged and convicted of assaulting Simms. Court documents show she feared for her life but state prosecutors say she later refused to testify and he received a suspended sentence.

Last year, Brown was convicted of assaulting and kidnapping another woman. A judge sentenced him to 10 years, with all but 125 days suspended. He was released and put on enhanced probation.

Police identified the officer involved as Alfred Thomas, a 14-year veteran. He is on administrative leave.


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