BALTIMORE (WJZ) — For quarterback Joe Flacco, this weekend should be considerably less hectic than last. Just before kickoff against the Browns last week, Flacco learned that his wife was in labor with the couple’s second child.

Monique Griego has more on how the Super Bowl MVP balances football and fatherhood.

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Flacco says he always knew it would be a possibility his son would be born on game day. While he wasn’t able to be there for the birth, he says knowing his wife and son were healthy put him at ease during the game.

As Joe Flacco got ready to face the Browns in the season home opener, the Ravens quarterback had more on his mind than just football.

“I was way more fidgety than I normally am. Just walking back and forth and doing a lot of things I don’t normally do. I was just so much more amped up,” Flacco said.

That’s because while he was at M&T Bank Stadium, his wife was the hospital in labor. And one hour before kickoff, she gave birth to their second son.

Flacco missed the moment, but says he and his wife had already discussed what would happen if the baby showed up on Sunday.

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“It never really was an issue. We talked about it pretty quickly. It was what it was. To be honest with you, we never really thought it was going to happen that way,” he said.

The Super Bowl MVP is well aware not everyone may agree with his decision, but says his family understands his job has certain responsibilities.

flacco babyyy“You know, I have a big time responsibility to this organization, this football team. My job as a quarterback is to show up for this team,” said Flacco.

As for the boys, Flacco says he’s enjoying every moment of watching them bond together.

“It’s just pretty neat. We brought our oldest son to the hospital the day after and it was funny to see his reaction. Definitely a little jealous, but I think he’s already warming up,” he said.

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Because he couldn’t be there, Flacco says his mother-in-law was there in his place.