Last year, the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl and parted ways in the off season through several different means. The team took a different direction instantly. The search for an identity was underway and you could argue that the team’s still searching.

Are the Ravens a running team, a defensive team or an offensively explosive team that relies on a passing attack? Sometimes it looks as if the coaching staff is asking themselves that question, even as the game is in progress.

There are times that I, as a viewer, can’t figure out the plan for this team. No, I’m not in the meetings with them, but after watching a quarter of football from most teams, you can see what they are trying to accomplish. While that plan may change at anytime, you can get an idea of what the actual plan is.

The Baltimore Ravens have failed to score in the first quarter in four out of six of their contests. During that time, it often looks as if they are running into a brick wall. Now, I know that’s not the case, but looks that way at times. Instead of taking what the defense is giving them, it looks as if they’re determined to do one thing. The opposing defense stuffs the middle and they appear to be so stubborn that they refuse to run to the outside.

Jim Caldwell knows football. His resume speaks for itself. It’s tough for me to question the man’s knowledge of the game, but I do have questions. I’ve seen this movie before. I’ve seen offensive men come to the Ravens and resemble the man who sat in the seat before he got here.

Then, I’ve witnessed those same men (Cam Cameron) leave here to experience success elsewhere. That leads me to ask the question, “Who’s REALLY in charge here”? Why is it that all of the Offensive Coordinators begin to look the same here and never look that way elsewhere? Is there “A Way” the Ravens conduct business offensively and the men who hold those titles operate within the confines of how they do business? It all makes you wonder but Caldwell’s offensive play calling is becoming unimaginative. Haven’t we said that before?

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