BETHESDA, Md. (WJZ) — WJZ has an in-depth look into one of the most notorious murders in Maryland. In 2011, a young woman brutally killed her co-worker inside a Lululemon store in Bethesda. Now, a book released this week offers new details in the crime.

Linh Bui sat down with the author.

A gruesome murder. An elaborate cover-up. Brittany Norwood and Jayna Murray worked at the Lululemon store in Bethesda.

One night in March 2011, prosecutors say Murray confronted Norwood about stolen pants, and the fight turned violent.

They say Norwood attacked Murray with five different weapons, including a knife.

Not only were the details horrific, but the murder happened in an affluent suburb, where violent crime is rare.

Detectives say Norwood then tried to cover up the killing, stabbing herself and telling officers two masked men attacked them. But her story quickly fell apart.

“That became a really interesting twist in a case that was already really being followed,” said Dan Morse, author of “The Yoga Store Murder.”

Morse covered the murder for the Washington Post and just released his book, “The Yoga Store Murder.”

brittany norwoodHe looked through thousands of text messages on Norwood’s phone, revealing the secret life of a killer.

“They really do give you a good window into what you’re doing and what you’re thinking. You can see the secrets and dark side that she had,” Morse said.

He found no indications of violence in Norwood’s past.

But he talked to experts, who say she has the markers of a classic psychopath.

“One even scarier way to look at this is that it wasn’t rage or passion. Brittany just wanted to kill her,” Morse said.jayna murray

Norwood is now spending her life in jail.

After her trial, Murray’s parents spoke out.

“Grief is always with you. There’s always an ache in your heart for your daughter.  However, there are always moments of laughter when you remember the fun things you did together,” said Phyllis Murray, victim’s mother.

The book “The Yoga Store Murder” was released Tuesday and is available on Amazon.

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