WASHINGTON (WJZ)—So much for the Christmas spirit. A man dressed as Santa’s helper is shot while handing out presents in Washington, D.C. WARNING: For any children viewing this story, this is not the real Santa. And parents, this story is a little disturbing.

Monique Griego reports the video is as shocking as it is disturbing.

A man dressed as Santa leading a toy giveaway in Southeast Washington was shot in the back.

“This is awesome. Merry Christmas,” he said while waving to neighbors at the start of the giveaway.

Moments later, shots were fired.

“Ugh. Somebody shot me,” he said in agony while grasping his back. “My back. My back. My back. Someone shot me in the back.”

The small wounds on his back are believed to be from a pellet gun.

Witnesses report hearing two shots fired from a second story window.

Paramedics on scene to help with the gift giveaway quickly came to his aid.

Even after being shot, Santa’s helper remained in a festive mood. He wanted to continue with the gift giveaway, but medics took him to the hospital.

“It’s an unfortunate circumstance. Fortunately, he’s OK,” one person said.

A man dressed as the Grinch stepped in to help.

“We are going to make sure all these kids get the toys they deserve,” he said.

For 22 years, volunteers have been handing out presents to some 600 children in the Barry Farm community.

As for Santa’s helper, he will be just fine.

“I’m glad I got hit and no one else got hurt. For real,” he said.

Santa’s helper is expected to be OK and make a full recovery.

Click here to see the full video shot by WJLA.

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