By Linh Bui

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Experience the Phenomenon: One of the most entertaining theatrical shows in the world comes to Baltimore. The Blue Man Group kicks off a short run, and WJZ sat down with one of the stars.

Linh Bui has a sneak peak.

A show unlike any other. It can’t be explained, it has to be experienced.

The wildly successful Blue Man Group returns to Baltimore for a weekend run at the Hippodrome Theatre.

“It’s just non-speaking, physical storytelling. A lot of music, a lot of comedy, technology. A little bit of everything,” said performer Russell Rinker, Blue Man Group.

Rinker is one of the performers behind the blue makeup. He’s been part of Blue Man since 2002.

“Regardless of how many times you’ve seen it, there’s so much going on on-stage that you can always get something new out of it,” he said.

More than 17 million people around the world have enjoyed the rock music, comedy and visually stunning technology. Plus, the show is constantly changing.

“There’s a lot of new material that we kind of generate to stay relevant and comment on what we’re dealing with nowadays,” Rinker said.

Some audience members will even find themselves in the spotlight.

“We go out and climb on the seats and interact with people out in the audience,” said Rinker.

Just expect to leave speechless.

“If people don’t know exactly what to say, then we’ve done our job,” Rinker said.

Tickets are still available at the Hippodrome Theatre box office and online through Ticketmaster.

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