The wake left following the 2013 8-8 season for the Baltimore Ravens has been a bit bigger than I might have expected. Let’s consider a few realities. Despite an about bland offense, zero run game and an even worse offensive line the team still fought for nearly everything. Even late this team fought. Some of the drama in the locker room or coaching staff we hear so much about on my platform, is from the passion. Not from the fans so much as the passion from those we talk of. The players, the coaches… The organization. Yes, drama is bad but passion is good and the fight and passion that was shown on the field lends me to think this team wasn’t as screwed up as the noise would tell you. There were problems, always is, it’s a part of the ups and downs of competition amongst pros. I’m not willing to go so far as to think 2013 wasn’t more abnormal than normal, but post Super Bowl I understand.

Now we come to this current offseason where coaches and players hit the door for varied reasons and openings are a plenty. Who has ultimate power? Well of course the Owner, then GM, down to the Coach but with a history of success John Harbaugh has almost as much power as he’d want. That’s my guess. Proof is in the coaching staff. Juan Castillo is the offensive line coach, a proof of power. Jim Hostler is a “finalist” for the offensive coordinator position, also a proof of power.

Did the Ravens struggle in 2013? Yes. Does Coach Harbaugh have the power? Yes, he does but I wouldn’t label anything at the castle a power struggle… YET.

Time will tell if continuity in the coaching ranks will lead to success or failure but I do know this… Harbaugh may be taking a larger risk than needed in the minds of many to promote Jim Hostler. If I’m coach I’m preaching continuity, praying it works and a postseason birth cures all.

If the new offensive coordinator comes from outside the building it may tip us to who’s philosophy won out in Owings Mills.

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