BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The 2014 Motor Trend Auto Show rolls into Charm City this weekend, bringing with it all of the latest trends of the car industry.

Gigi Barnett explains it takes a slew of workers to prep and transform the Baltimore Convention Center first.

Every piece of this portable showroom must be perfect. Like a puzzle, it all fits. And the red carpet here isn’t exactly the right color.

But every job done prepares the Baltimore Convention Center for this weekend’s 2014 Motor Trend International Auto Show.

“We get families, moms and dads here, to check out crossovers, minivans. And then we get the car lover who makes their annual trip to the car show to see what’s new,” said Shelbi Okumura, Auto Show spokeswoman.

Those types of car lovers might make a beeline to the custom car zone.

“When you see these cars doing down the strip, they’re going as fast as any other cars out there,” said Brad Hoffman.

He has several cars in the custom section. He says mainstream car makers always take note.

“The flip down movie screens were adapted from the custom car show scene. Guys were putting TVs in cars. Manufacturers take their lead from car builders,” Hoffman said.

Each car is placed exactly where the most visitors will see it. And special lighting makes them shine.

The goal is to transform the blank canvas of the Convention Center to a one-stop shop auto show.

“They do a great job of transforming the Convention Center. They lay carpet, move the cars in, the detailers come in, polishes them up and then manufacturers set up car kits, so a lot goes into the Auto Show,” Okumura said.

By the end of business day, every vehicle has to be cleaned, washed and buffed inside and out. With 400 vehicles, workers say they are on track to opening the Auto Show on time this weekend.

The auto show starts Thursday and ends Sunday.

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